With our software solutions you can implement a wide range of intelligent applications, here are some examples.

Radel & Hahn Klimatechnik GesmbH​
Ventilation system

Radel & Hahn Klimatechnik GesmbH is a Burgenland-based family business that has specialised in the planning, production, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, ventilation systems and control systems with all the associated components since 1972.
With Assemble and the Multiserver, the company has all its devices on the radar, the status of all systems can be monitored and they can be serviced if necessary. This ensures perfect air quality and humidity at all times. The Multiserver is used by Radel & Hahn for smaller customer facilities as well as for large projects such as Hamilton Medical in Romania.

Hubmer Hauer GmbH​
1A Installateur Hauer

The team at 1a Installateur Hauer recognised the advantages of the Multiserver at an early stage and has consistently relied on this technology of the future. No in-house ICE technician is needed to implement controls with the Multiserver, the initial effort is minimal, and handling is simple. In the meantime, many of Hauer´s customers use the “Hauer Multiserver” and apps – i.e the apps and the Multiserver in the Hauer corporate design – and their own building is also controlled by the Runtime.

Hasenauer Installations GmbH
Pleasure-oriented hotel Riederalm

In the pleasure-oriented hotel Riederalm, plant construction specialist Hasenauer realised a prime example of modern building management with Assemble and the Multiserver. The entire system is monitored, controlled, regulated and serviced with minimal effort. Measures for failure safety and energy optimisation can be taken in advance in the hotel. The system thus ensures the highest efficiency and maximum well-being of the hotel guests. Hasenauer Installations GmbH uses the Multiserver in its own design for a large number of customer systems such as car dealerships, industrial companies or district heating plants.

Sailer Werner & Günther GmbH​
Company building Sailer Installationstechnik

As a traditional company with over 50 years of company history, Sailer relies on Assemble and the Multiserver for customer projects (hotels, guesthouses, single family homes, company buildings, etc.) – with the app in their own design. The control of the company’s own building was also realised with Assemble. Whether ventilation, fresh water, heating, water treatment, lighting technology, shading or weather services – Sailer Installationstechnik offers a wide range of smart building solutions.

Beneder Werkzeugbau GmbH​
Insellösung Bender Kompetenzgruppe

At the Beneder Kompetenzgruppe, the Multiserver is used as a stand-alone solution (without an external Internet connection). Buildings and production technology work together intelligently via the runtime and the Multiserver. This intelligent system uses the waste heat from the production machines – controlled by the runtime – to heat the paint booth, all offices and even the pool, among other things, without any additional effort. Thanks to the smart networking of building technology and machines, heating is only required for shutdowns during the Christmas holiday.

OeMAG - Abwicklungsstelle Ökostrom
Wind farm - connection

The Multiserver supports OeMAG in the management of wind power plants throughout Austria. The data measured online can be transmitted in real time, including any error messages. This data helps OeMAG to minimise expenses for balancing energy by identifying avoidable schedule deviations in time and marketing them cost-effectively if necessary.

Voß Wärmepumpen GmbH
Heat pumps 4.0

According to tests, Voß Wärmepumpen GmbH is one of the best heat pump manufacturers in Germany. Through the use of the Multiserver
Voß, heat pump systems can already
be centrally regulated, controlled and serviced from the factory. This benefits installers as well as business and end customers. Thanks to the use of Assemble and the Multiserver, the business field has now been expanded to include ICE technology and services.

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