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Start now!

With the free Community Version of our engineering software Assemble you can get started at any time.

We train you in a 2 1/2 day course, so that you can independently start your own projects. Our Server-Solution is also available to you at the push of a botton in our Corporate Design.

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Save costs and time!

Hardware and manufacturer-independent reuse of function blocks once created.

Program systems with just a few clicks from the comfort of your own home using the unique system generator. This not only saves you travel costs, but also allows you to manage your systems centrally via the Internet at any time and from anywhere. Without any network settings such as port forwarding or VPN!

See the quality of your systems! Record all data on the Multiserver - this enables an accurate evaluation of the data over years.

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Simply implement your ideas!

With Assemble you can realise your projects in graphic form.

Function blocks (with logic and visualisation) are automatically connected to each other. The hardware and documentation are automatically assigned and generated. If necessary, functions can also be implemented in high-level programming languages.

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With Assemble, you develop independently of hardware.

You can use our software with hardware from different manufacturers such as Beckhoff, EAP, Futus, MEC, Phönix and Wago. Your own controllers with the Linux and Windows operating systems can also be used. You also have a free choice of sensors and other peripherals. Numerous bus systems such as KNX, MBus, Modbus, Bacnet, SMI, OPC and radio standards such as Enocean can also be integrated.

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Protect your know-how!

Keep your data in your company

Don't send it to a foreign cloud! The Multiserver runs on your hardware. You decide who has access to your data, customers and systems.

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Your advantage with Assemble!

Programming and visualisation in one step with Assemble.

The "Swiss Army Knife" for developing modern projects. Develop and test visual & graphical, logic & visualisation with Assemble. Automatically assign hardware and export to the controller & Multiserver. Assemble and the Multiserver - your central workstation!

integration possible with SAP CRM Share Point and more
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Compatible with your existing system!

Network your systems and IT systems with each other!

Send the (billing) information (and energy key figures) directly to other databases and software systems such as CRM, SAP and Sharepoint. Connect your plants via network or multiserver.

Send the (billing) information (and key energy figures) directly to other databases and software systems such as CRM, SAP and Sharepoint.

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Your company is in the the foreground!

Create the visualisation in your own design!

Increase your presence in the market by highlighting your own brand. Use your logo and your own colours, so they remain individual and strengthen recognition. The Multiserver and your own apps for Android and IOS are also available in the corporate design.

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Build a close connection with your customers through transparency and information.

Provide customers with access to their facilities via your website or app.Inform customers about the energy performance indicators. Through your service, your customer always has an overview of the current status. Display current consumption and yield data.

Identify problems before they arise.Define your own messages which you receive by email or SMS. Determine who receives which message at which time.

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