All facilities under control. The central system management. The Multiserver is a software for monitoring and operating automated systems that can run on any Windows server hardware. You can run the software on your own server or use it as a service from us.

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Multiserver - Software

Free basic package for your own server

If you have your own server and the technical possibilities, you can start right away!

Multiserver - Service

The complete solution

We provide the entire infrastructure including support. Backups, maintenance, visualisation adjustments and much more are included.

The most important functions at a glance

Operate systems

Control your systems via Visualisation

Operate and control your system via visualisation from anywhere in the world. Both a simple operating page and technical pages can be displayed. Each user can select which views he or she has access to. In addition, the complete system programming and visualisation can be updated via the Multiserver.

Show trend data

See how your system has performed

Create individual views with the information you need and see how your systems work. The data can be recorded for any length of time. In addition, it is possible to automatically export the data at any time interval, upload it to an FTP or send it by email.


Define who receives which messages

All information about the system, such as users, technical documents and contact persons, is stored centrally. The alarms can also be configured centrally. You can determine which messages are sent to which users.

Manage Users

Create users with different permissions

Create new users and define which permissions they have. You can define your own roles with the desired access rights and assign them to the user.

After the user has been created, it can be simulated to see whether the settings have been implemented correctly.

Custom Designs

Customise the look to your business

Create so-called custom designs for your partner companies. They can then access the Multiserver via their own URL, e.g. For each custom design, the logo and the appearance can be individually adapted to the corporate design of the company.

System information

Have all system information in view

All information about the multiserver is logged and listed. The multiserver also monitors the expiry date of the SSL certificate, the free space of the database and hard disks as well as the RAM.

Numerous plugins

Extend the functionality of your Multiserver

The functions of the Multiserver can be extended at any time by installing plug-ins. In this way, you can determine for yourself which additional functionalities you need.

The advantages of the Multiserver

Central administration

Save unnecessary travel costs and manage your systems centrally via the Internet. Thanks to the unique solution, no network settings are necessary!

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Data recording

See the quality of your installations and record all data. The detailed data recording enables an accurate evaluation of the data over years.

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Inform customers about the energy parameters and send automatically generated invoices. Create energy awareness among your customers by displaying current consumption and energy data.

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Every user action such as login and changes are logged. This means that it is always possible to see who changed what and when.

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Data in your own company

Keep your data in your company and don’t send it to a third-party cloud! The Multiserver runs on your hardware. You decide who has access to your data.

icon safety and security shield

Backup of the system and configuration, user management with different permissions and a multi-encrypted connection to the Multiserver ensure security!

icon bell

Respond to malfunctions in a timely manner. Define your own messages which you receive by email or SMS. Determine who receives which message at which time.

icon modularity
Connection to CRM, SAP,...

Send billing information and energy metrics directly to other software systems such as CRM, SAP and Sharepoint. Connect your software systems with each other.

Let us advise you

Nothing beats a personal conversation. We will gladly take the time to introduce ourselves, answer your questions directly and suggest the best solution for you – free of charge and without obligation, of course.

Editions and prices


Free basic package for your own server
free keiner
  • Price per system: Free
  • Custom Design: Configure yourself
  • Backup and maintenance: Own responsibility
  • Multiserver Updates: Own responsibility
  • Windows Updates: Own responsibility
  • Domain
  • SSL certificate

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Rent the Multiserver incl. full service
  • Price per system: 0.25 € / data point / month
  • Custom Design: Included
  • Backup und Wartung: Included
  • Multiserver Updates: Automatic
  • Windows Updates: Automatic
  • Domain
  • SSL certificate

Contact us

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