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With Symon, you automate individualised systems at the price of standard systems, without any programming. You get a programmed and visualised cabinet including remote maintenance and operation via app.

Your own automated system in just 3 steps

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1. Create your systems quickly and easily

Symon is easy to use. You are guided through an intuitive creation process, which adds pre-programmed components to your system. The standardised function blocks cover a large number of application purposes, but if you still have special requests, these can be implemented and added to Symon – so there are no limits to the possibilities.

2. We programme the system and build the control cabinet

After we receive your order, we get to work immediately. We take over the complete engineering – build, programme and test the control cabinet. Depending on the size and complexity of your system, production takes between 1 and 4 weeks. We are also happy to accept express requests by arrangement.

3. Everything is conveniently delivered to you, just plug it in and off you go

We work with reliable delivery services so that you don’t have to worry about unexpected delays. Of course, we are happy to support you during commissioning and use. If you subsequently require changes or extensions to your system, these can be implemented at any time.

You get an individual system control
for the price of a standard solution.

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Reisenbauer Symon controller box with touchscreen
Ready-to-connect control cabinet adapted to your individual requirements.

Depending on your requirements, we deliver a finished control cabinet that you only have to connect.

We select the appropriate hardware components and wire them to labelled connectors. Any electrician can connect the cabinet quickly and easily with the help of the included connection diagram. Each of our cabinets comes with a power supply unit and WLAN router and can optionally be equipped with a 7 inch touch display.

Even if you do not have a network, you can connect to the cabinet via the WLAN router.

Operating the Visualisation via
browser and app
Operating the Visualisation via
browser and app

The system is delivered visualised. We can also adapt the design to your ideas on request. The system can be operated and controlled via browser or app. Through the connection to the Multiserver, your systems are additionally equipped with remote access, alarms, data recordings and data evaluations.

Reisenbauer Symon tablet with home automation UI

The advantages of Symon

Create systems with a click

Create standard systems including visualisation and documentation with just a few clicks and without programming. Individual adjustments can be made at any time.

icon scale
Unlimited system size

Whether 1, 2 or 10 heating circuits – any number of functions can be selected. Thus, both small and large systems can be created automatically with Symon.

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Unbeatable price

You get an individual system control for the price of a standard solution.

icon edit settings
Subsequently changeable

Generated systems can be subsequently edited and expanded using our Assemble engineering software. This means that individual wishes can be fulfilled at any time.

icon library
Function block library

Symon comes with a function block library which we are constantly expanding. So you can get started right away.

icon modularity
Flexible and adaptable

The selection of functions is freely configurable. If you need special functions for the Symon, you can add them at any time.

How does Symon work?

Selection of functions

Creation of a system

The functions of the system can be selected and configured via a simple menu selection. Programming, visualisation and documentation are automatically created in the background.

Control selection

Choose what you want us to deliver

After selecting the functions, the necessary inputs/outputs for the system are automatically listed. If sub-cabinets are required, you can simply select them and assign functions.

You choose what we deliver – only the control unit or the complete cabinet incl. touch display.

Order, delivery and commissioning

Order at the touch of a button

The selected functions and control components can be ordered at the touch of a button and delivered to the desired address. Have a ready-to-connect cabinet delivered directly to the building site – an electrician of your choice will then connect it.

We will also be happy to support you with commissioning if required.

Let us advise you

Nothing beats a personal conversation. We will gladly take the time to introduce ourselves, answer your questions directly and suggest the best solution for you – free of charge and without obligation, of course.

How much does Symon cost?

Symon is and remains free of charge. You pay for the system created.
icon home
Example single-family house

Heat pump
Solar system
Buffer tank
1 mixed heating circuit

from €793

icon business
Example business

3 heating circuits
Cooling via concrete core activation
2x exhaust fans
2x ventilation
5 fire dampers
5 smoke detectors
Fire alarm control panel fault input
Monitoring of the lifting system

from 2050 €

icon building
Example residential building

2 boilers in cascade
20 heating circuits
Lifting system monitoring
Pressure monitoring

ab 3116 €

from €793

from 2050 €

from 3116 €

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