Solutions for energy management and e-mobility

State Prize Digitization 2023

Digital Impulse Awards 2024

World Summit Award:Digital Changemaker 2023

OVE digitization prize for energy communities

State Prize Digitization 2023
Digital Impulse Awards 2024
World Summit Award:Digital Changemaker 2023
OVE digitization prize for energy communities

Technology for a sustainable future.

We help our customers to measure precise energy data and use it for documentation, billing and increasing efficiency via automated system control.

energyOS - Energy management and monitoring

Energy management and monitoring

Get started with monitoring. Measure your energy consumption and generation. With this data, you can later expand the system to include control and implement optimization measures.

Our solutions for
energy management and monitoring


is the easy way to get started with energy management. This solution provides energy data in real time. Consumption and generation are recorded and analyzed to be used for data exports for GHG quota accounting, EU taxonomy reports, CSRD sustainability reports or consumption optimization.


energyBOSS controls the energy flows in the system and automates the implementation of optimization measures. Completely hardware-independent, across locations, in the cloud or on-premise. Our energy management can be flexibly adapted for a wide range of applications.

Charging management and billing

chargeOS connects all processes of your charging infrastructure across all locations and ensures the control, monitoring and billing of all charging processes. This also allows you to bill GHG quotas or PV surplus charging.

Our solutions
for e-mobility and charging infrastructure


chargeADMIN is your uncomplicated entry into e-mobility. This cloud-based service requires no additional hardware such as controllers or meters.


With chargeBOSS, you are in control. This is made possible by a controller that takes over functions such as manual control of charging processes, charging prioritization, dynamic load management or PV surplus charging.


Receive payments via ATM, credit, RFID, club or citizen cards, QR code or collective pass. You can maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction by accepting any type of payment method without the need for subscriptions or memberships.


World Summit Award: Digital Changemaker 2023

OVE Digitization Award for Energy Communities 2024


Areas of application

With energyOS and chargeOS, we offer the answer to the energy challenges that businesses, communities and manufacturers will face in the near future. Thanks to our modular platform, they can be used separately or in combination to exploit the best potential.

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Residential construction


Health facilities


Hotel industry and
Hospitality industry







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Fleet operators

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Device manufacturer

Reisenbauer Platform

Our experience spans a wide range of applications and industries, thanks to our proprietary platform which is completely hardware-independent and allows solutions for every conceivable scale. Our software ecosystem offers a high degree of flexibility, which ensures short implementation times, reliability, and, above all, security.
Enterprise Solutions

Individual solutions

Our solutions are infinitely scalable and customizable. Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, the applications extend far beyond energy and charging management. Get in touch with us so that we can work together to create the best solution for you.

Our partners

Our software is trusted by retailers and manufacturers and offered as part of their products. We are proud that well-known companies rely on our software, including:

Are you interested?
Talk to us.

Are you interested in our solutions? The first step is an initial discussion in which we find out your needs and requirements so that we can then draw up a suitable solution proposal with an offer. Orders are processed quickly and easily so that you can operate your automated system or charging infrastructure with our innovative software within a few weeks, depending on the size of the project.

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